Veg plot update

The rhubarb has taken off in a dramatic way so any time tested recipes will be greatly received.  I do love rhubarb crumble but that’s all I ever have made.  I made the rhubarb cake recently which was lovely so anything else anyone recommends I am happy to give a go.

There’s more asparagus ready to harvest, it’s shooting up left, right and centre and tastes divine!!

The remainder of the veg plots are coming along nicely but there are 2 which I just cringe at every time I look.  They shout “painful back, blood, sweat and tears” at me every time I look. They are going to take a lot of TLC to get up to speed but I need them up and running so let’s stop moaning and crack on.  One is going to be for the broccoli, more caulis and cabbage.  The other bed will be for squashes.  I have some started in the greenhouse and the remainder are going in this weekend. 

Tomatoes are doing well and some are flowering already!  The plant which we didn’t know what it was?  Well, I think may be a bean plant of some description, looking at how it’s coming along.  I have more tomato seeds in which are late but I will ripen them off the vine if I have to. 

Aside from these 2 veg beds there is one that only has currant bushes and rhubarb in (the one I made the cake with, yum) and nothing else, so there's a lot of wasted soil space to me.  I have done the lasagne method with the spare space. Anyone seen it?  I put newspaper down over the weeds (didn't bother to pull them out, will soon know if that is a bad idea) and then lots of our lovely horse manure over the top. This will compact and rot over the coming weeks when I will add another layer of newspaper, grass cuttings and manure and in a few months time we will dig the bed over in the hope for good soil and no weeds Or we'll have some cracking weeds that thrived on the manure when the newspaper did nothing!  It's an experiment and saved my back doing that bed
On a night when I’m locking all of the animals up, I wander round the veg plot and close up the greenhouse and my mind is already drifting to next year and what I want to start off early in the greenhouse, when can we afford a polytunnel, what should we put in each bed to rotate it etc.  I love it growing our own things.  We have so much to learn, it’s fabulous!

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