Monday, 18 April 2016

Geese advice needed please

Evening all.
Well it's just dawned upon us with a  terrifying bump that we may have up to 16 goslings running around the place if all these eggs hatch.
What do we do with them all?
So we have goose house, which is where the trio live at the minute. It's a shed that's locked up on a night and opened again on a morning. They have a bucket of drinking water and a salad bowl of pellets and corn. Yes really, an old salad bowl.  Their bed is straw. There's also a mesh door which we don't use but can be closed on its own so they get air but nothing can get to them.
We also have the pond from yesterday's post not far from the shed.
After Googling looking after goslings, we're now panicking. What do we need to do for them? Do we need to pen somewhere off so they can go in and out the shed and have a bit of land? Is the pond off limits?  I can put crumb out to feed them but how do I stop them eating mam and dads food? Also shall I put a smaller drinker in so they don't drown in it? My brain is going to explode at this rate but I can't wait! !
Also, here's a tired pony bless him.


  1. Is mummy goose sitting on the eggs if so leave her to look after them and dont worry, if you are hatching them then yes you will need to separate them from the adults and keep them away from water until there feathers start to come through, do you have a facebook smallholders group in your area if so there will be plenty of local help for you.

  2. Looking forward to seeing them once they hatch. How sweet.

  3. Check my blog as I have nominated you in the Liebster blog awards.x