Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Free fun

I simply had to tell you about my son's latest adventure.  He wanted to play on his computer, which given the chance he would do all day every day.  Of course I don't want him to do this and although I'm sad that he would choose to spend time locked in his room instead of being outside with us, I don't blame myself for this.  Kids are kids and they're exposed to these things if we like it or not.
So on Saturday, I decided to bribe him to come outside (rather than threaten to take his technology off him permanently ;) ).
I made him a treasure map which basically was a walk around our smallholding.  We packed up a bag which included a flask and some fruit and a biscuit as adventurer's need sustenance.  He took his telescope and a spare pair of socks.  Loaded up he went on his travels and I've never seen his face beam so much.  He had 3 tasks to do on his travels.
Find an intact leaf, look for goose/duck eggs and find a daffodil but don't pick it yet.  He also did a tally chart of all the animals he found.  Slightly worrying, he found 4 sheep when we have 3, but let's move on.
He completed his adventure and found his treasure was a mini egg in the greenhouse, that his Granny had bought him when they babysat the other night.  He chose to sit in the greenhouse and ate it.  Happy days.
He didn't know I had taken this..awww
Checking off his list
Counting mole hills (he'd be there some time)
 If anyone has any other ideas for a 6 or 10 year old, free fun - I'd love to hear them :)


  1. wonderful, has he made any dens yet or cooking on a camp fire, tree swings with old tyres my grandkids love all of that

  2. That is brilliant. I loved doing things like that when my boys were younger. We used to go on walks round our local reservoir with a backpack and they used to look around them and say "this is our whole world"! They are only 9 and 10 but they grow up so fast so this is a wonderful adventure for Jack and hopefully a lovely memory for both of you. (Thanks for the tyre reminder Dawn, might just do that for my lads.)

  3. This is so adorable . Thanks for sharing!

  4. Proves that kids like the simple things. I gave my daughter a book for her daughter on lots of things to do at certain ages similar to your treasure hunt. It was very good and it was aimed at the age of your son. I'll see if she still
    has it.
    To relieve the boredom of the long summer holiday I would do an 'unbirthday' party for my daughter in the garden (her birthday is in November). She would invite about six friends and they would play outside messy, watery games, treasure hunts similar to yours and other games which I can't remember, unfortunately. We had bunting all around the trees and bushes and a proper birthday tea with sandwiches, crisps, jelly and an 'unbirthday' cake I'd made. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Kids like to be occupied I think and this was a way of beating the boredom.

    Joan (Wales)

  5. Brilliant day for him, treasure hunts are always the best, if they have a camera, they can take photo's and then use the internet to identify the items, getting them to use the net for intresting stuff and not just youtube and games.

  6. What a great idea, I will organise one for the grandchildren in the summer. I like the idea of an 'unbirthday' party for myself, my birthday is in November so I have never been able to have an outdoor party.

  7. Great fun and educational though he may not know it!! I'll use this idea for my grandson if he ever gets to come visit and he's old enough ( 7 months now)!

  8. My Aunt used to make us do tree/bark rubbings.