Thursday, 5 May 2016

A sad day

Today we had one of our questions answered. Mammy goose can look after the goslings but only to an extent. Sadly, we lost one of our 5 to drowning. He was only a day old. We've taken it quite hard as really, we could have prevented it. Poor little thing. He's buried near where he would have lived. Needless to say, tonight Steven has rigged something up to help them stand somewhere safe if they need to whilst they catch their breath and made it easier for them to get out the pond.
In other news, we've started moving a load of crap from the pony paddock into the woods. We were going to burn it but decided it's too close to the woods already plus if the ground underneath it isn't already dead, it soon would be with a fire on it. Once that's done it'll really make a difference to the size of the paddock. I'm suffering now mind you, midgie bites!!
To cheer us up after a sad day, here's a couple of pony and horse pics.
Oh and I wrote a huge long post in response to being nominated by Louise for the Liebster awards and bloody lost it. So I will redo it asap. I quite enjoyed it!


  1. losses are never easy but part and parcel of the lifestyle, fingers crossed they will all make it now

  2. Its always going to be trial and error when learning something new. You have gone onto solve the problem which means you care for your animals. Don't beat yourself up.