Friday, 14 April 2017

Guest post!

Hi my name is Grace. I am 10 years old and
I love living at the farm house with all of my animals.
I am so lucky to  live here with my wonderful family.

Here is a picture of the pigs.
They have grown lots since we first bought them.
My mam was getting the ducklings food when she got this picture of them.
because if there is any food in sight of the pigs then they
will squeal until you give them the food or if they're hungry they will also squeal about that.
they are going outside soon and in August we will hopefully be getting goats.

Today, when we were opening the goose shed we found some
 baby gosling's under the mams wing and she will soon be hatching some more.
The other mam is sat on some eggs as well ,so hopefully she is going to hatch some goslings too.
We also have some goose eggs in the incubator which might hatch ,as well as what the mams are hatching.
I am so excited that we have baby goslings. We had some goslings last 
year and they were all off the same mam and it all went really well last
year , so hopefully it will all go well this year.  

Here are the chickens all having a big feed.
The dark brown hen is my favourite chicken
and her name is Jess. She is 11 years old and she survived
when the fox came in the night ,but that was in the old house.
The brown chicken in front of her is called big bertha also survived
when the fox came.
They all enjoy a big feast.

And here is a chicken hiding in my pony's hay.
I think she making a nest to lay a egg for us to eat.
Yum yum... 

That is it for now ,so thank you for reading my little blog post
and I just can't wait to see if I have got any comments on my blog and I am sure
I will get some amazing comments.

Speak to you soon...
...Bye for now...Grace xx


  1. Thank you Grace, very interesting post.

  2. Good post Grace!
    What a lovely place to live with all those animals and birds!

  3. Well done on your post Grace. Lovely to hear how much you enjoy living at the farm house and having all the animals to look after.

  4. Brilliant Grandad and Grandma xx

  5. Lovely blog post today Grace and so nice to hear about all your animals too -thank you xx

  6. Beautiful job posting Grace!I loved hearing about everything going on around your farn. Nice pictures too.

  7. Your animals are very lucky having you to look after them Grace....and I hope you get lots of cute goslings very soon.

  8. Looks like you are doing a great job Grace. Exciting times for you. Hope you get lots of beautiful goslings. I enjoyed reading your post. Else x

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  10. Great post Grace. What type of chickens are Jess and Big Bertha and what are your favourite animals on the holding?


  11. Hi Grace, what a great post, I hope you will post again soon. I wish I could have lived on a little farm when I was ten with all those animals.

  12. Well done Grace - good post about your animals

  13. Grace - I would love to hear more about your friends on the farm. I have chickens as well, and do love taking care of them. Tell us more about the geese and pigs!