Sunday 11 February 2024

Logs, Agas, Mushrooms, Eggs & Birthdays! Week 6! 05th to 11th Feb

"Where's the guard for it?" I heard my Dad enquiring to Steven who was brandishing an electric grinder, minus the guard.  "In  my workshop, it gets in the way" was the response as I silently walked by them and in to the house, half smiling as I knew my Dad was now shaking his head at Steven.  A few minutes later I looked up from the kitchen sink to see Ste walking up from the workshop, smiling at me knowingly, whilst carrying said guard.  They got back to work on the roof for the log pile.  It required a few pieces of steel welding together, which is why Dad was helping, as that was his trade.  Ste is able to get the rest done on his own.  

The floor around the log pile, in fact all of the patio is green - a sign it is ready for its Spring clean.  It's on the list :)


I forgot to show this lovely design Steven burned in to a chopping board he made me for Christmas.  It matches my beautiful wall piece.  

Can you tell I love those "toadstool" mushrooms the fairies live underneath?
Also a gorgeous little rose from my Mam when she called in to see us all with my Dad.
Unfortunately, the aga went off at the weekend.  Thankfully it's still Winter which means I've within my rights to demand it goes back on (joking for those who don't know me, I would politely ask of course) whereas if it was around Easter time, there would be lots of discussion around leaving it off until the Winter.

The frustration was somewhat alleviated as we have started getting eggs of the Rhode Island reds and the Wellsummers - we should be back in the egg business very soon!


I added the first one (look how thick the shells are!) to the mince meat which we turned in to beef burgers. Delicious!

Finally, it was Grace's (left) 17th birthday this week, for which the celebrations started last week!  We had a delicious meal out to celebrate and she had a bunch of the girls round which I'm told (and heard!) was lots of fun.  Happy days!

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