Sunday, 31 August 2014

A busy Sunday!

I feel like I've met myself coming backwards today. 

We had a lovely morning at the yard with the horses where my gorgeous little boy spent some quality time with the little pony who loved the attention.
Practicing braiding (that's what he calls it)
A quick grocery shop and change of clothes later then we were off to lunch at my Father in Law's which was lovely and a free meal!!  Then I couldn't put it off any longer, we had to go to town.  I hate town.  I hate shopping, being cramped in with all sorts of people and of course I hate spending money.  Ha!  Well, hate is a strong word but you get the jist.

We spoke briefly to gorgeous husband's father about our dreams - just to mention a local farm that came for sale and how we'd like to go for something one day.  He was quite dismissive about it - not nastily, just that it'd probably never happen in our world to people like us.  I, of course, know differently!

2018 will be our year, watch this space. If not before :)  Take care.

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