Monday 22 April 2024

Week 16 - Back to the paid job - w/c April 15th

April 15th, 2024.

The wind and rain were relentless again last night.  It continued through in to the early morning, finally easing with the rain around 8:30.  The wind is still howling as I type and the rose bush on the front of the house, which has put on a growth spurt, keeps tapping the window as if it wants to be let in.

I've worked from home today and a strange thing has happened. On 3 different occasions, a bird has flown in to the window.  I noticed one did it the other day too.  I'm not sure if the wind is doing it or there's something on the window to suggest to them that they can fly in.  None of them were on the floor so I hope they got away ok.

Despite the rain that's passed and the ongoing wind, the sun is bright.  I look forward to being able to enjoy the sun more, as this Winter seems to be going on and on.  I said over on Instagram that I have done my bit for stopping the rain by getting a new rain coat.  It's usually the case isn't it?

Despite the weather, we managed to have a dry spell where I set up the outdoor space in anticipation of the dry days to come.  

The week moved on.  I'll never tire of the views here.

Working full time means being creative with slow cooked recipes.  This was the very last pack of sausages from last year's pigs.  Well, the last pack I know of anyway.  There's usually something lurking at the bottom of the freezer.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  A few too many potatoes for Steven.

Here's an egg the Grace found recently - it's got to be a double yolker hasn't it? I'll report back!

I'm trying to do a bit of batch cooking.  Although we are out of sausages, I have sausage meat left which I'm making in to a breakfast hash.  The kids are having this in wraps.  I've also made some lasagne for the freezer.

On Friday after work, we had a spurt of energy and Steven said he was going to fix the fences.  I helped by holding the screws ;)

The weekend was then spent in the veg plot.  For me, weeding but I also had some fun putting canes up ready for the bounty of beans to come!

Ste worked on sorting the membrane of the new area, tightening it all up ready for the bark to be ordered and laid.

I harvested rhubarb and popped it in the dehydrator ready for using in teas.


Steven then worked on the bottom plot where the pigs were previously.  we had put membrane on it to suppress the weeds.  He rotavated it and grass seeded it.  What fun we had laughing at how he did it with a broken spreader.  It meant he had to run to spread it, otherwise it all dumped out in one go.  I got it on video, which isn't out yet but I'm looking forward to editing that one.

It was a glorious weekend, just how it should be.  As a side note, we also processed the ducks which I will cover on a different post.


  1. We often have birds fly into our windows at the back of the house, at this time of year when to sun is lower the windows are like mirrors, like yours they all fly off again.

  2. That's good to know! Well, not for the birds :) Thank you, Tracy.


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