Monday 8 April 2024

Easter - Good Friday and Easter Saturday 2024

As I type this, Steven is (frantically) looking for our wallpaper stripper.  You know the electric steamer types?  It's a rainy start to today, Easter Monday 2024 and we are getting some indoor jobs started.  Grace, our eldest is at work, our youngest still in bed (pick your battles) and we are at the beginning of our Easter annual leave.  The photo below left was early morning on Good Friday and the dry weather set the tone (for the weekend at least).  It's been dry and bright, bitterly cold in the wind and beautiful in the sun.

I'm taking the opportunity to enjoy some morning walks when the weather is like this.  The views on them are beautiful and I'm so proud to have them on our doorstep.

Friday, being our first day off, meant that was the annual opening of the outdoor area.  We have a bar and kitchen space with a store room created by Steven's (fair?) hands.  It's become a dumping ground over the Winter, for jars that have fed us and kept us nourished.  First job therefore was to get the store room tidied up and ready for action.

The other main job I wanted to get done (Steven was at work Good Friday), was to make a start on getting the potatoes it.  I quite like the idea of getting them in the ground on Good Friday as a tradition.  I got most of them in, there's a few more to do.

The day finished off with a well deserved glass of red from the year's ration (more on that in future posts)

However, the well deserved glass of red meant we had neighbours over and there was a bit of tidy up to do on Saturday morning following the thoughts of "leave it til tomorrow" after the drink started to flow.

So on Saturday morning, what better way to blow the cobwebs away than cracking on with jobs outside.  We are taking down the fencing area of the old pig pens and putting the land back to grass.  A big job but we are making hay whilst the sun shines.


We stopped for a coffee and I got a snap of Ste in the bar, he was told to smile !!

We brought the old fencing up in the wheelbarrows, it's hard work pushing them as the ground is so water logged still.  The brightness of the day was deceiving and you would be forgiven if you thought the ground would soon be dry.  Not a chance of that any time soon.

In between helping Steven, my job is to tend to the seedlings, which will be our food later in the year.  These are those I have started transplanting to bigger pots to get them to grown on before planting out.

We had the little dogs out with us all day, which apparently was quite tiring for them.

A beautiful start to our time off the paid job.

And Annie agreed.


  1. As they say, make hay when the sun shines, busy time of year for you both.

    1. I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply to your comments properly - for some reason I have to go on to the blog post itself to and I didn't know they were there. I do now and thank you for taking the time to read and comment, that's really kind.


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