Monday 16 October 2023

October 14th - Harvesting red cabbage, corn and baked potato squash

Saturday, October 14th 2023

On a Saturday I am spending the whole day gardening at the moment.  Grace is working weekends, Steven every other Saturday so it's just Jack and I at home.  He helps me for a while then gets to do his own thing.   The evenings are drawing in and once tea is done, it's almost dark so the weekends are very welcome for gardening.


In order to be able to sow (plant!?) the garlic, I needed to clear the bed it was going in.  The sweetcorn and red cabbages were in this bed, along with a few squash.  I'm very impressed with these baked potato squash.  I'll be growing these again next year.


It took a long time, always longer than anticipated, but worth it once done.  I'm very pleased to have this bed full of garlic.  The varieties in here will be listed in the main planting page.  This bed are all softneck varieties.  I still have the same amount to plant again.

In previous years:
2022 - Friday

Ironically, Jack has broken his foot during the same month this year!

2021 - Thursday

Sausages are always a theme at this time of the year on the smallholding.  Food for Winter and beyond.

2020 - Wednesday

Now this is interesting to see -there are many more leaves fallen in 2020 than this year and the horses look like they are already in the stables and not the field (as we use this area as winter turnout once they come in).  We had hayledge which we no longer use.

2019 - Monday

I tied to sell home infused gin and fudge as a way to make extra cash on the smallholding.  Whilst working full time, it's a big ask.  The gin and fudge are delicious though!

2018 - Sunday

Steven was a dab hand at making the chopping boards by now.  The one of the left was a bit of wood our neighbour over the river gave us.  I think the hole was for a pipe as it was his kitchen counter.

Home made bread rolls were never as good as my nanas.

Fudge in the slow cooker to sell.  That's why I love looking back - it gives me so many ideas to try again.

2017 - Saturday 


Now this is interesting - I can't remember using this bed for squash.  It looks messy, but clearly productive.

2016 - Friday

Apples galore - another great reminder to get processing this years.

2015 - Wednesday

Happy Days

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