Wednesday 11 October 2023

October begins with a sniffling start


The end of September in to October started by feeling a bit like this.  How the dogs emulate how humans feel is beautiful!


The barn work continues.  If I haven't already said, this is the work Ste is completing to have the animals in the barn over winter on a night and to give them ability to shelter during the day. It's a lot of work but we are getting there.  Well, Ste!


The goats will have a platform in their pen, something to stand on and watch the world go by.


The chicks have a pen that has been meshed in wire to help protect from rodents - so far so good. 

They are growing by the minute.


Once I felt better, I got back out in to the garden, starting with the thugs.  One of which being the apple mint.  Here is it before and after.  You can see how it is smothering the other plants.


A very satisfying feeling - hopefully not a short lived one.

Time to turn attentions to the Autumn sowings. Plenty to be done in at this time of the year.


Over Wintering peas and broad beans is on my To Do list, so I got those sown.

Also, I am hoping to grow 500 onions in 2024, from Autumn sowings now and Spring sowings in 2024.

I have yet to get the garlic in as I am waiting for it to be delivered.  Sounds like a good job for the weekend.


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