Friday 13 October 2023

October Stories (13th)

I've been looking back at some old photos, posts and videos.  They are heart warming, smiles and tears.  In October 2015 I posted this blog post, which was before we got this house.  

October 13th, 2023

Friday the 13th, mwaa-ha-ha....What a beautiful evening it was too, blue sky and cooler.  Straight outside when the paid job had finished to work on the back of the barn.  This is the area the pygmy goats will be going in as part of the barn redesign.  


The day started with Annie in front of the Aga, her usual morning routine. 

and ended with her enjoying a relaxing time in the room with us at the end of the day.

Seeing the post I linked at the start of today's insert made me I've been looking back at what was happening on the smallholding since then and on this exact day, October 13th it's nice to see what we were up to....

2016 (Thursday)

This was the first October on the smallholding.  The gate here divides the veg growing area and the Orchard which has proved very useful to stop chickens getting in the plot and destroying it.

2017 (Friday)

 2018 (Saturday)


This is the ancient apple tree that I see when I look out of the kitchen window.  It lost a branch on this day, but is still producing fruit.  Although a poor crop in 2023, 2022 was excellent.

I remember this happening, so does Grace.  The biggest carrot I've grown!
Below shows the first chopping boards Steven made - very skilled.  He made some for the farmhouse, some for gifts and others we sold or donated to the Macmillan event.


2019 (Sunday)

We spent time popping some hen eggs in to our first ever incubator.

I remember seeing Hugh FW make baked pumpkins on one of the River Cottages and I had looked forward to doing them.  I must grow some more in 2024 to repeat this, a beautiful meal.

Oh how wonderful - a perfect Autumn Sunday visiting my favourite place - Beamish.  Looks like it was a chilly one.

2020 - Tuesday

Rendering pig lard has been a staple since moving here and raising our own pigs.

2021 (Wednesday)

The kitchen was well underway!


2022 (Thursday)

A frosty start - I wonder if it was our first frost of the year.  I didn't make a note.


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  1. Blogging is such a good way to look back, loved your post.


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