Friday 16 February 2024

Snowdrops, Projects & the Moon! Week 4 - 22-28 Jan

The third week of the year saw yet more changes to the weather.  We have had a lot of rain this week and combined with the wind from the 2 storms (Isha and Joycelyn), it's felt pretty damp and grey.  So I took this photo to lift spirits showing the thunderous clouds, sun and blue sky.

After saying on Saturday that the peppers hadn't come through, on Sunday 21st the first of them started appearing!  They are making their way through at a rate of knots.

After a bit of a disaster with ordering the wrong wood for the veg patch extension, which we mention on last week's vlog, this week we ordered the right stuff.  We hope.

It cost £420, a budgeted investment as this will stand the test of time and should outsee our days here.
This wood will make up the new 5 beds in the veg patch extension.  It was delivered for £15 as we had no way of getting it here in the time we have (they close at 5 and we needed it for the weekend).

Steven has worked in the barn on evenings when the horses are outside, starting to screw the 2 pieces together that will make a side of a bed.  That's some seriously long screws he has!

I noticed my first snowdrops of the year.  They are always such a welcome sight in January.

I made an attempt at growing mushrooms - I need to wait 2 weeks to see if they are developing.  I'll update you then!

Tidying something away and I stumbled across this book, ab absolute favourite of mine.  All 3 books in this series are, so I think I'll get to reading this in February.

January's job list was mainly focused around the veg plot extension and week 4 of January saw the completion of making the beds as well as filling them with our own homemade compost.

The 25th saw a Full Wolf Moon, the first full moon of 2024.  Did you hear the wolves howling?  

So if, like me, you have had a strange old week, you can blame the changes brought about by the moon and get back to normal next week ;)

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