Wednesday 3 February 2016

Chickenville and first card attempt

We have a section of land that we are making in to Chickenville.  It will be the stately homes for our 10 girls, split over 2 coops and aptly named Chickenville.  Steven, my husband, has a tool that allows him to burn a design in to wood and has created the chickens a name plate for their land.  Fabulous I think.

I spent about 20 minutes making a card for our daughter's 9th birthday.  This is my very first attempt at this as I didn't get round to it for my friend.  I had kitchen scissors to work with so I was limited!  I am really pleased with the result though and I think she will like it.  My camera's flash had ran out :(

I don't know where today has gone.  Off to bed after working tonight.  The puppies barked a lot last night for some reason, so I'm hoping for a good sleep through.  Up early as usual so goodnight all.

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