Friday, 12 February 2016

Frosty morning

I was a few minutes late for work this morning as I simply had to stop and take in the beautiful scene. Again, we feel so lucky to be here.

The logs are now in situ and will stay there until they are ready to be used. The next one has been picked for felling and will be done soon.

In the mean time Steven 's job of the week is to make a new tack/storage room in the barn next to the stables. He is starting that tomorrow after buying the wood needed to do it tonight. I think it is going to be a busy weekend!

PS the fence is done!


  1. Love the photo's, you are so so lucky to have your smallholding and I really am enjoying reading your blog. You are doing really well in such a short space of time...well done!

  2. Frosty morning are great when you're not working in it. Thursday night I thought my nose was going to drop off it was so cold. I do love the magic wand Mr Frost waves over everything.

  3. It was a beautiful scene to stop for! Glad the fence is done! Happy Valentines! xx