Monday 8 February 2016

The Veg Plot

A lot of people are asking, jokingly, if we will open a market garden.  Whilst I smile back at them and laugh along at the idea of us being able to do anything like that, I really like the idea of it.  We are hoping to sell the eggs on, for eating and fertile, the muck heap can go for free to allotments and home made bread is a hit with the family already, so the thought of growing something that people might actually like to buy isn't too far out there. Let's get it supplying food for our table first I can hear my husband saying!

We have a rectangular shaped veg plot, sectioned off and rabbit proofed (I presume this should state as much as possible here).  Looking from google maps you can see the veg plot on the bottom middle of the picture. 
The beds are as follows:
Central far bed.  Soil based, obviously used by previous owner as fire pit area.  We'd like to grow in it.

Onion bed before
Onion bed after

Stood at far end of veg bed looking back on row one

Bed 1 currently has roses in.  Not sure what value they have from food production point of view (for us I mean, not the previous owners)

Bed 2.  Why only half covered?  They had spare tarpaulin so wondering if there's a reason.

Is this asparagus?

No idea what's in here but there is some sort of frame at the far end.

Hopefully a bed ready to use this week.  We've not looked underneath.

Another one that should be ready to go.

Blue arches?

I think this is just weeds now.

Might weed this and leave it to see what comes up

This is where the ash was put but it hasn't been dug in?
The only bed DH has managed to start, which is more than I've done, is the onion bed.  We bought some onion sets from B&M to try and popped them all.  They take up about 2/3rds of the bed I labelled.  I am going to plant some mint around it too as apparently that's a good companion plant.  The remaining 1/2 may be potatoes, which will also have a full bed of their own.
How exciting!!!!!
The post wouldn't be complete without the latest animal pictures.
Not interested in getting their faces on the blog

Love this photo

The new and the old, all friends.


  1. I use that blue piping to support fleece and environmesh over my veggies. keeps all the aphids off and provides a micro climate. My garlic is romping away under some and the spring greens and curly kale are doing well also.

    1. Interesting. Does enough light get through ire dont thy need light like that?

  2. I have veg plot envy! Take care with the mint, it's a bit feral - I planted some in my tiny herb border and planted it still in its pot to try and prevent it running rampant. It broke the pot and five years on I still haven't completely eradicated it!

  3. I bought an onion set last week but it's too wet to put them in yet. I love this time of year, it's exciting planning what food to grow,

    1. Hmm it may be too wet here too. We shall see. Thanks

  4. As Pam said, the arches are for supporting mesh or fleece or whatever to protect crops from birds and bugs. Yes, enough light will get in if you use the right sort of mesh/fleece etc.

    Good luck with it all, looks like a lot to do, but great fun too! Oh, and yes, I suspect asparagus ferns. xx

    1. Perfect thanks. We have cut it back now.

  5. I keep green mesh over my small garden stops next doors cats using it, the veg was great last year.

  6. My hens love some weeds to scratch through : )

  7. What a great area to grow veg in! As Caroline said don't plant mint as very shortly it will take over the whole bed....why don't you plant the mint in a pot and bury the pot at the end of the bed (if the pot is buried you don't need to water it quite as often and the pot will restrict the root growth so it doesn't take over).
    The tall plants do look like asparagus...if it is then you need to cut it down to ground level and put a layer or compost or manure over it too

  8. Can I use fresh manure? I am pretty sure it is asparagus now too so thank you. Great idea linked in with Caroline's to control the mint. I'm on it this weekend! Xx


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