Thursday 18 February 2016

Free range eggs!

 What a lovely day.  Today, we had three eggs from our new girls and one is huge.  It might even be another double yoker, we've had two already.

Here they are having a good feed together and enjoying the welcome warmth of the sunshine.

The geese were funny, playing in a new tub of water I put out.  They have popped their paddling pool so I will pick them up a plastic one.  When I put this down, the goose with the lighter beak who we call Neville, promptly jumped on to the back of another goose and started trying to pull her around.  Therefore I am slightly more convinced that we have a boy and a girl.  Excuse the shadow of me!

Happy Friday eve!


  1. That definitely sounds like a lad! The noise they make is VERY LOUD! Like - let's draw attention to what we're up to.

  2. Your birds are doing well. Nothing beats a fresh egg poached on toast, we have a friend you passes her spare eggs to us.

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